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Garage Door Cleveland

Garage Door Repair Cleveland

When you search online for "Garage Door Cleveland", you will see many resulting pages listing dozens of local companies. Cleveland Garage Door prides itself in providing the fastest and most reliable garage door repair in the Cleveland, Oh area. We proudly offer the finest quality, name brand products and A-1 service to ensure that you not only call us again in the future, but that you tell others about us too.

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Garage Door Cleveland field technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. We take great pride in offering homeowners the right combination of sales and service along with affordable solutions so important in today's rough economic times. We are available seven days a week, round the clock, so that even on weekends or in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that your home and family are protected by a properly working garage door.

Garage Door Cleveland Replacement

When your garage door cannot be fixed or if you just want custom options. Whether you need a Traditional, Tuscan, Custom, or Carriage House door, we can satisfy your every garage door need. From single door, double door, RV door, tilt up or roll up doors, we carry every size and shape to exactly fit your home. We carry wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl doors. Windows and insulation add further options for you. Getting just the right door is so important to the beauty, and safety of your home. After all, your garage door is your home's largest working appliance. It is the largest entrance or exit to your home. It is something we all take for granted, until it stops working which never happens at the right time.

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Our field technicians are dedicated to making your garage door needs, their priority. We work on your timeframe, not ours. Garage Door Cleveland understands that you have a life and a busy schedule so we strive to provide fast garage door replacement right when you need it most. We carry all the latest, most popular styles and models in Cleveland Oh. Choose from famous, dependable brands like: SEARS, CLOPAY, CRAFTSMAN, LIFTMASTER, WAYNE DALTON, GENIE, AMARR, CHI DOORS and others.

Garage Door Cleveland Spring Repair

Your garage door springs have a heavy duty job. They supply the heavy lifting every time you go in and out of your garage. Garage doors can weigh up to a ton and we expect these springs to work right, every time.

Did you know that over a year, your garage door in Cleveland, Ohio will open and shut over fifteen hundred times? Customers want dependability and they want safety. If a garage door won't open due to a broken spring, and your car is trapped in the garage, panic can ensue. With our busy schedules, we can't afford this inconvenience. Other times, the garage door won't go down at all or is hanging at a full tilt. Over the years, our Cleveland Garage Door technicians have seen just about any calamity that can befall a garage door.

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If your garage door springs are broken, please do not attempt a repair yourself. Our specialty trained and licensed technicians can do the job safely and quickly for you. The garage door springs must be perfectly installed and calibrated to insure proper working conditions. When installed correctly, a garage door spring should last about twenty thousand cycles. When you think about yourself, your family and your guests entering and leaving under your heavy garage door daily, you realize how essential this repair or installation really is. Not just any handyman can or should tackle this.

Garage Door Cleveland Opener Installation

One of the most commonly searched for garage door terms on the internet is for "opener installation". A huge number of calls we get at Cleveland Garage Door are for opener installation and repair. Even if your garage door springs are working perfectly, if your opener is inoperable, you still have a problem. Many times these opener issues are weather related. Here in Cleveland, Oh we sometimes experience severe drops in temperature. We service and stock garage door openers that work well in lower temperature weather. For instance, screw drive openers work well in very cold climates. In fact, the colder it gets, the better these openers work. They go a long way in offering a dependable, consistent garage door experience. We also install belt drive openers which are known for their ultra quiet operation. If your home has bedrooms over the garage or next to it, this might be just the solution for you. A third selection available to customers of Garage Door Cleveland is the ever popular jackshift opener. These are also in demand in very cold weather as they contain a second power supply in case of a local outage.

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